Founder: Brandy Costello


Brandy Costello is the creator and host of the Spoken Truth Talk Show. Which is a Christian Talk Show that talks about real issues that is going on in the world today.  She uses this platform to bring healing to those that are in pain, and hope to those that are hopeless.  Brandy loves to keep it real and uncut, through transparency to reach people in all walks of life.  She is a purposeful and resilient visionary.  She is a wife, a mother, a lover of Jesus, a mentor, a counselor, and friend.  She has a two-fold gift on her life which enables her to multi-task and bring a mix of advertising, promotions, administration, and entrepreneurial capabilities in a church business setting as well as in the secular world when an opportunity presents itself. Her encounters with working in various parts of the industry have helped her acquire a creative attitude of a well-balanced Proprietress.  Brandy also has a passion and heart for teens and broken women. This comes from her being raised in the Inner city of St. Louis in which she experienced a childhood of many struggles and pain. Brandy was a high school drop-out and was determined to receive her high school diploma at the age of 25, when she had her first child.  According to man, Brandy would not make it this far.  But through her faith in God and fortitude, she not only graduated High School, she is seeking a Doctorate degree in Psychology.  She would like to bring change to the policies and procedures in government for Blacks & Browns to receive better health care and Mental Health benefits.

Career Highlights Brandy did promotions for several local radio stations in St. Louis, Mo. (100.3 The Beat, Q95.5, & Radio One). She worked as a Promoter for FUBU Records, City Records, and worked with Dirty ENT. She worked alongside DJ C-Note with Radio One to make noise for many up-and-coming artists in St. Louis, MO. She made sure artist received constant radio stations. Brandy choreographed for many local and national artist across the globe. She was also responsible for promoting events that consist of street team, promo crew, flyer posting, commercial advertisement, and major party planning events. From time to time she traveled negotiating for clients and reviewing site locations for private parties and events. In the past Brandy enjoyed working with entertainers and was well established in her business dealings. She managed artist, worked in artist development, and she negotiated record deals. But after giving her life to Christ she has shifted her God-given capabilities and has blossomed into a resilient woman of faith.